Saturday, June 16, 2012


            There's a new disorder on the market, I doubt you've heard of it but am pretty sure you've had it at least once, gardenopause! You know the time between the main planting, mulching and harvest when all you really have left to do is the weeding but crave more! Yep, I have it!
    Having a odd ball weather year only adds to the symptoms, but thanks to Walmart for marking down all their plants already so I can dig and dream all in one hole, and for my basil that keeps me sane, pesto this, pesto that, while I wait for the Texas zucchini to ripen so I may fill my freezer with all kinds of zucchini breads!
     No known cure yet, thankfully, and the only prescription needed is patience.  Patience while the garden produces, then it's canning season,  freezing and eating our way through the best little disorder ever discovered!!
     This sure beats menopause but the hot flashes in the garden will deliver the same out come, because I'm pretty sure this disorder has stricken more women than men, it's probably hormonal!



basketsnprims said...

I've never heard of it but I definitely have it, lol.

Muffy's Marks said...

Oh garden's do test our patience. Waiting to plant, waiting for it to grow, then waiting for the fruits of our labor.

natural hormone replacement said...

I never heard before it, Ok let see what is and how to coping with it. Thanks to share with us........ and hope you will continue the gardenopause.

Dee said...

It is good to finally have a name to it. LOL

Annnightflyer said...

Oh... that's what it's called! Yep I think I have it too,can't wait to plant something else teehee :)


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